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    • 1 Aug 2024
    • 11:00 AM
    • 6 Aug 2024
    • 1:00 PM
    • Prout Research Institute in Marshall, North Carolina

    Embark on a transformative journey at the Economic Democracy Training Program, a 5-day immersive experience hosted by the Prout Research Institute in Asheville, North Carolina. Through engaging workshops on cooperative development, leadership, and permaculture, attendees will delve into the principles and practices of economic decentralization and the pivotal role of cooperatives in fostering resilient, equitable, and sustainable communities.

      Scholarships  are available on a rolling basis, based on donations.

      We look forwards to working with you towards a more resilient, cooperative, and sustainable future!

      Best wishes, 

      The Prout Research Institute and Prout Alliance Team

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      Workshops, Field Trips, Daily Living

      Cooperative Development

      In this introductory workshop, participants will learn the historical context of cooperatives within the US economy, the cooperative development process of forming a collective enterprise with democratic governance, and various avenues for involvement in the cooperative movement. We will travel to local co-ops and hear from co-op developers best practices and their experiences in building cooperative ecosystems. Lastly, we will cover additional resources, financial tools, and community needs assessments as ways to begin your own journey as a co-op developer or organizer. 

      Alternative Economic Models  

      In this workshop we will explore how cooperatives are advancing economic democracy, and how the alternative model of the Progressive Utilization Theory functions today. We will cover key principles of Prout, Prout’s three tiered economy, strategies for implementing cooperatives and economic democracy, and challenges and opportunities in transitioning to a new economy based on environmental and community needs. 


      How can local food be an agent of change in our communities? Here we will explore localized food systems through the lens of permaculture (creating permanent cultures through dynamic and integrated systems). We will tour a local ecovillage, a community garden initiative and cover the specifics of beginning a garden and orchard with a hands on build. 


      To achieve what we want to attain in our lives, and help others do the same, requires leadership qualities. Throughout this training program, we will be introducing and practicing leadership skills which will give us greater control over our lives and have a deeper impact on the society we live in.  We will be developing leadership at different levels. First we will start with our selves, clarifying our inner assets, understanding our values, and working to strengthen our minds and hearts. Then, we will learn what true collaborative leadership is, how to work collectively, build teams, and overcome the divisions which divide us. Finally, we will explore what it means to use our leadership skills to inspire and help others achieve personal and social transformation.

      The Prout Research Institute in the Hills of Marshall NC near Asheville NC.The Prout Research Institure in the Mountains outside Asheville NC

      Daily Living

      Hosted in partnership with a land based community, the day to day includes opportunities for yoga and meditation classes, walks with a local trail system, and shared meals with around a dozen local community members. In the neighborhood is a yoga and meditation retreat center (Prama Institute), a college for leadership development (Neohumanism College of Asheville), a preschool (Mountain Breeze Preschool), and a small farm with dairy, vegetable, and berry production.

      About Us

      Organized by the Prout Research Institute, we are a collective of activists, co-op developers and systems change thinkers who are working to promote alternative economic models aligned with meeting the basic needs of everyone. We host educational trainings and seminars around the Progressive Utilization Theory, and develop practical policies and projects to help achieve a high quality of life for everyone. 

      Co-sponsored by Prout Alliance, our sister organization dedicated to networking and solution based journalism.

      • 14 Nov 2024
      • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
      • On Zoom

      Financing Economic Development Under Prout

      with Dr Mark Friedman and Dr Tapan Mallik

      Can new economic production be financed without resorting to the speculative financial markets seen in current market economies? How would public infrastructure projects be paid for? These are the kinds of questions Proutists will have to consider when proposing systems for capital development in economies adhering to neo-humanistic values. While the presenters cannot offer definitive answers, they can draw ideas from Prout literature and share insights from other thinkers.

      Tapan Mallik Ph.D. retired from a career as a business executive at DuPont, a Fortune 100 company. He previously served as a professor of business management at the University of Minnesota, in Duluth. He did his Ph.D. work at the University of Texas in Austin.

      Mark Friedman, Ph.D., recently retired from teaching economics at South Central College in Minnesota. He has written on economic inequality, economic instability, and forms of economic democracy. He did his Ph.D. work at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. 

      Dr Friedman serves on the Prout Alliance Steering Committee and both he and Dr Mallik serve on the Prout Alliance Education Work Group which organizes the Monthly Seminar series.

      When you register for this event - you will receive the Zoom link in the Registration Confirmation Email and in the reminder announcements in the week prior to the presentation.

      Announcements for other scheduled 2024 events will be coming soon.

      Feel free to invite your friends to come to this event. They can register at or Events Page - Please don't share the Zoom link.

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